Attachmate 3270 Express Terminal Viewer
Attachmate 5250 Express Terminal Viewer
Attachmate VT Express Terminal Viewer
Version 3.2

Release Notes
June, 2003


This file contains late-breaking information about this release of Attachmate 3270, 5250, and VT Express Terminal Viewers. These viewers provide browser-based access to host applications on IBM mainframe, IBM AS/400, and UNIX/VMS hosts.

Installation Notes

Installing Both HAS and myEXTRA! Presentation Services Together on UNIX

If you are installing both Host Access Server (HAS) and myEXTRA! Presentation Services, it is recommended that you install myEXTRA! Presentation Services first.

Note If you install HAS first, you will be prompted during the myEXTRA! Presentation Services install to overwrite certain files with older ones. Do not replace these files with older versions. Doing so will cause 3270, 5250, and VT Express Terminal Viewers to stop functioning.

Known Issues

Using MCS Security Services with Netscape Communicator

Clients that use Netscape Communicator v. 6.x cannot connect to the host using Management & Control Services (MCS) Security Services.

In addition, clients that use Netscape Communicator v. 4.x can run only one secure session at a time. If you close the session, you must close the browser before reopening the session.

Using MCS Security Services with Sun JRE v. 1.3.0

If the clients use Sun Java 2 Runtime Environment (JRE) v. 1.3.0 with a secure viewer that uses Sun JRE, the session will time out within ten minutes. To avoid this problem, have the clients upgrade to Sun JRE v. 1.3.1_02.

Closing Sessions that Use MCS Security Services

If you're using MCS Security Services, and the viewer appears in a secondary window, you must close the viewer window before you close the browser to end the session. If you close the browser without first closing the viewer window, the connection with the host remains open until it times out.

Embedding an Express Terminal Viewer

You must use Presentation Integrator to embed an Express Terminal Viewer within a Web page. By default, the viewers appear in a secondary window.

Changing the Font Size in an Embedded Viewer

If you change the font size for an embedded viewer using Presentation Integrator, you must also adjust the height and width of the viewer based on the font size and font face (for instance, 12-pt. Courier is not exactly the same size as 12-pt. Times New Roman). If you do not adjust the height and width, a gray area might appear around the viewer.

Printing from an Embedded Viewer

When you print from an embedded viewer's File menu, the browser, rather than the viewer, controls print job settings such as color conversion and margins. Because various browsers and versions of those browsers handle print job settings differently, the resulting print job may not use the settings you expect. To use the viewer settings when you print (to print directly from the viewer applet), right-click the viewer window and then select Print.

Remapping the CTRL Key

You cannot remap the CTRL key, although it does not appear in red on the Keyboard Remapper Settings page.

TN3270E Protocol Limitations

3270 Express Terminal Viewer does not support NVT data.

In addition, if the host or gateway sends SSCP-SLU data, this data is ignored, which might make the viewer unusable. If this occurs, remove the Resource Name from the viewer configuration and use standard TN3270 communication rather than TN3270E communication.

5250 Express Terminal Viewer and CursorSelect Action

In 5250 Express Terminal Viewer, the CursorSelect action does not function.

Setting the Column Width for an Embedded VT Express Terminal Viewer

If you're using an embedded VT Express Terminal Viewer with 132 columns, it is recommended that you set the width to 1000. When the width is set to this value, a scroll bar appears so that you can see the additional columns.

Euro Symbol Support

By default, the euro symbol (€) is mapped to CTRL+SHIFT+e for all the viewers, but the key combinations on European keyboards for the euro (such as ALT GR+e and ALT GR+4) also work.

To use the euro symbol, you must use a translation table that supports it. In addition, for VT Express Terminal Viewer, you must set the Data Bits Per Character option to 8 on the Advanced page in the Display properties. For more information about translation tables, refer the Help for Terminal Viewers after installation.