Attachmate Terminal Viewers for MCS
Version 3.1.1

Release Notes
June, 2003


This file contains late-breaking information about this release of Terminal Viewers for MCS. Terminal Viewers allows you to provide secure access to mission-critical host applications through a Web-based interface. Terminal Viewers is installed as a component of Attachmate Management and Control Services (MCS), which allows you to take advantage of common MCS functionality, such as directory services for managing users and groups.

Using Terminal Viewers, you can create a variety of configuration types. Readme files for the available types are provided below.

Installation Notes

Minimizing Disk Space Usage on Windows

If you are installing Terminal Viewers under Windows 2000 or Windows NT 4.0, it is recommended that you use either the FAT32 or NTFS file system to minimize the amount of disk space consumed. FAT32 and NTFS support smaller cluster sizes than FAT16, which results in more efficient space allocation.

Known Issues

X Windows Required to Configure Java Terminal Viewers in UNIX Environments

To configure Java Terminal Viewers, Management & Control Services (MCS) uses Java technology which requires certain graphical interface resources to be accessible. Make sure X Windows is installed and running before configuring Java Terminal Viewers in a UNIX environment.

Problems with WebLogic 5.1 and Saving

If you're using WebLogic 5.1 and save display settings, your changes might not be saved, and an exception might occur. This problem occurs intermittently, most frequently with UTS Terminal Viewer.

To avoid this problem, make sure the file includes the following:

Unsupported Characters in Configuration Names

Do not use any of the following characters when naming configurations you create with Terminal Viewers: ampersand (&), colon (:), semicolon (;), less than symbol (<), and double quotation mark (").

Terminal Viewers Online Help

A new browser window opens each time you click a Help link within Terminal Viewers. Be sure to close the browser window before clicking another Help link within Terminal Viewers.