Attachmate Presentation Manager
Version 3.2

Release Notes
November 2002


This file contains late-breaking information about Attachmate Presentation Manager. Presentation Manager runs within Management & Control Services (MCS), and works with several Attachmate products, including myEXTRA! Presentation Services and Presentation Builder.

With Presentation Manager, you can perform the following tasks:

For information about the current version of myEXTRA! Terminal Viewers, visit our support website at

System Requirements

Presentation Manager has no system requirements beyond those for MCS. For more information, refer to the MCS Readme file (readme_mcs.htm).

For clients accessing the myAccess Links page, the following minimum system requirements are needed:

OS Requirements Browser Requirements
Windows 98 SE, Windows XP


Windows NT 4.0 Workstation or Server with Service Pack 6A


Windows 2000 Workstation, Server with Service Pack 2 or with Service Pack 3, or Advanced Server with Service Pack 2
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x or 6.0


Netscape Communicator 4.7x or 6.2.3 (Client Only)

Changes Since the Last Release

Improved Customizable myAccess Links Page

The myAccess Links page is a Web page that contains links to all of the presentations to which the user has access rights, making it easy for users to access multiple presentations created by Presentation Integrator.