Attachmate e-Vantage ViewMaster

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Attachmate e-Vantage ViewMaster Overview

Using Attachmate e-Vantage ViewMaster, you can create a complete range of host access solutions, from traditional thick-client emulation to multi-host custom applications. You can choose how and when to incorporate web-based approaches with traditional desktop access.


This product includes the following components:

  • Viewers — ViewMaster includes several different viewers for different types of hosts; select the viewers you want to install.

  • ViewMaster Wizard — A wizard that helps you easily create a Web page that launches one of the viewers or printer applets.

    The ViewMaster Wizard and sample Web pages are installed automatically when you install any viewer.

  • Keyboard Map Editor — Use this application to assign terminal emulation functions (such as Transmit) to keys on different types of keyboards. This information is stored in a file called a keyboard map, which can be assigned to a Web page that launches a viewer.

    The Keyboard Map Editor is installed automatically when you install any viewer. Some viewers also include sample keyboard maps.

Related Products

ViewMaster also works with the following product (available separately):

  • e-Vantage Gateway — Using e-Vantage Gateway, you can centrally manage the connection data used to establish communication between clients and a host. e-Vantage Gateway works not only with UTS and T27 Terminal Viewers and T27 Printer, but also with Attachmate INFOConnect products.

Additional Information

  • For more detailed information about using ViewMaster, refer to its component-specific Help.

  • Refer to the Attachmate e-Vantage ViewMaster Administrator's Guide for detailed information about the different types of host connections, editing the Web pages, and using keyboard maps and translation tables. This guide is accessible in .PDF form from the Start menu after installation.

  • See the Readme file for important notices, known limitations, and/or late-breaking information that supplements the documentation for ViewMaster.

  • The Attachmate Web site offers contact and product information.