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Presenting ViewMaster-Generated Web Pages from a Unix Server

To make an HTML Web page and keyboard map that you created accessible to users from your Unix server, complete the steps in the following procedure.

Note Before you begin, you should already have created a Web page that launches one of the viewers or printer applets (using the ViewMaster wizard, which guides you through the process), and, optionally, a keyboard map (using the Keyboard Map Editor), which is assigned to that Web page.
To make a ViewMaster-generated Web page available from a Unix server
  1. Insert the e-Vantage CD and copy the e-VantageEmulation.tar.gz file from the CD to your Unix server.

  2. To expand the archive into its own empty directory, type the following from the command line: gunzip -c e-VantageEmulation.tar.gz | tar xvf -

  3. Change to the e-VantageEmulation directory.

  4. Run ./

  5. From the displayed list of installable Attachmate products, ensure that the product for which you have a passkey is available, then enter y to continue.

  6. Respond to the prompts in Setup.

  7. Caution As you proceed through the setup process, you will be prompted to verify or enter the correct path to the Java SDK. Verify or enter the correct path to the Java SDK. To continue with the setup script beyond this step, the JDK must be installed on your system. If you do not already have the JDK installed on your Unix system, you can open another shell and do so before continuing.

  8. Respond to the subsequent prompts.

  9. Copy, or use FTP to move your ViewMaster-created Web pages and keyboard map files to your new /opt/Attachmate/Viewmaster directory, from which they can be downloaded by your users.

    You select the directory and specify the name, based on your personal preferences and the particular server software you are using.

  10. Provide your users with a URL that points to the ViewMaster HTML file on the Unix server.