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Migrating ID Assignments and Host Names

Migrating ID assignments and host names involves copying the Usertid.txt and HostMap.txt files from the server where Resource Server 2.2.x is installed, to the \mcs\data\resourceserver folder on the server where ID Manager is installed. (The location of this folder may vary, depending on the Web application server and operating system you are using.)

To migrate existing Resource Server 2.2.x ID assignments and host names
  1. Start Management & Control Services (MCS):

  2. From
    Do this
    The server where ID Manager is installed Click Start, point to Programs, then click Attachmate Management and Control Services. (MCS can be started from the server where it is installed only in a Windows environment.)
    Any computer that can access the server where ID Manager is installed Run a Web browser and type the following address:


    If MCS uses a port number other than 80, you must include the port number after the server name (such as http://server_name:port_number/mcs).

    Note If ID Manager is installed on a Sun Solaris server, you might have to use a tool such as FTP to copy the Usertid.txt and HostMap.txt files. (If so, disregard the following steps in this procedure.)
  3. When you are prompted for a username and password, type system and the password specified for the system account during installation.

  4. In the MCS selection panel, point to MCS Functions and then click ID Manager.

    The ID Manager tree appears.

  5. In the ID Manager tree, click Configure.

  6. In the MCS Management panel, from the Assignments tab, create a new name, then delete it.

    This forces ID Manager to load and save the copied Usertid.txt and HostMap.txt files. For more information, refer to the Help for ID Manager in the Help for MCS.

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