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HAS Components

HAS includes the following components:

  • Viewers — These Java applets provide terminal emulation via a Web browser. The viewers are installed on a server and downloaded to each client — you don't have to install the software at the client. Attachmate offers different viewers for different types of hosts; some viewers support several communication protocols.

    Readme File (UTS/T27 Terminal Viewers and T27 Printer)
    Readme File (ALC Terminal Viewer, e-Print Java Applet, and e-Print Remote)
    Readme File (3270/5250/VT Express Terminal Viewers)
    Readme File (3270 Terminal Viewer and 3270 Printer)

  • Terminal Viewers — Using this Web-based management component, you can create and manage configurations, which control how the viewers operate. When you create a configuration, a corresponding presentation (a Web page that displays the viewer) is created automatically.

    Terminal Viewers runs within Management & Control Services (MCS), which is the framework that provides access to all of the management components. Both Terminal Viewers and MCS are installed automatically when you install any viewer.

    Readme File (Terminal Viewers)
    Readme File (MCS)

  • Presentation Manager — With this Web-based management component you can assign presentations to users or groups, activate presentations, and configure user authentication.

    Presentation Manager also runs within MCS and is installed automatically when you install any viewer.

    Readme File

  • Management & Control Services (MCS) — A Web-based server console that you can use to centrally manage and configure compatible Attachmate components.

    MCS provides a common interface for creating and storing configurations, a central run-time facility for client applications, and management tools for monitoring and reporting how compatible components are being used.

    MCS also provides a function called ID Manager, which provides certain types of IDs (such as T27 station IDs and UTS terminal IDs) to sessions at run time. This ensures that the unique connection data for each client can be omitted from the configuration. Therefore, you can create a single configuration that can be used by multiple clients to establish multiple sessions with a host, rather than having to create a separate configuration for each host connection.

    This release of Host Access Server includes an update to MCS on the CD-ROM. This update provides specific improvements to ID Manager. The files for this update can be found in the following directory on the root of the CD:


    In MCS, you'll find the Terminal Viewers management component under Products, and ID Manager under MCS Functions.

    MCS Readme File | About the MCS Update | Installing the MCS Update

  • Presentation Integrator — Using Presentation Integrator, you can customize presentations, adding text, graphics, colors, headers, and footers, and specifying whether the viewer appears in a secondary window or if its embedded within the presentation. You can also use Presentation Integrator to combine multiple configurations into a single presentation, or combine configurations with other Web-based documents.

    Presentation Integrator runs within Designer Studio, a separate framework that provides access to many of the Attachmate design-time components. When you install Presentation Integrator, Designer Studio is installed automatically. (Installation of Presentation Integrator is optional.)

    Readme File

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