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System Requirements: Management & Control Services (MCS) and MCS Components

Note Most users install the various components of Host Access Server on separate computers.1 Specific requirements will vary based on which components of Host Access Server are installed and other hardware and software components present.

Attachmate cannot confirm the accuracy of performance nor any other claims related to non-Attachmate products. For questions or concerns regarding the capabilities of non-Attachmate products, please contact the suppliers of those products.

System Component Preferred Alternatives
Windows 2000 Server or Advanced Server with SP3
Solaris v. 7, 8, or 9
Windows NT 4.0 Server with SP6a
Linux /390
Processor Speed 1.2 GHz for Windows
400 MHz for Solaris
500 MHz minimum for Windows
RAM 512 MB 384 MB minimum
Disk Space 1120  
Java 2 SDK SDK v. 1.4.1_01  
Application Server2 Tomcat v. 4.0.43  
Web Server IIS v. 5.0 for Windows 20004
Apache Web Server v. 1.3.26 for Solaris
IIS v. 4.0 for Windows NT
Browser Internet Explorer v. 5.0 with VM 3182,3309
Internet Explorer v. 5.5 with VM 3319,3802
Internet Explorer v. 6.0 with VM 3805
Netscape v. 6.2.3
  1. The designer components require access to MCS to retrieve or publish data. MCS can be installed on the same computer or on a separate computer.

  2. In Windows environments, the installation process checks for the presence of an existing installation of Tomcat. If an existing installation is present, it is upgraded by the installation process; otherwise, during installation Tomcat v. 4.0.4 is installed automatically.

  3. Host Access Server management components installed on a Windows system cannot coexist with a separate Tomcat v. 4.0.4 installation running as a service on the same server (by default, Tomcat runs as a service). Attempting to run both on a single server produces a service name conflict. If the Tomcat installation is not running as a service, the two installations can coexist.

  4. IIS must be configured to both run on and use port 80.

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