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Accessing the MCS Console

Management & Control Services (MCS) is accessed using a Web browser, so you can run the MCS console from the same computer on which MCS is installed, or remotely via an intranet or Internet connection. You must use one of the supported Web browsers.

The first time you run (MCS), you must log in to the MCS console using the default "system" account. The password for the "system" account is specified during MCS installation.

Setting Up Directory Services

You can select from a number of directory services for managing users and groups. You must set up or specify a directory service before you can perform some other management tasks, such as creating pools of user IDs. Directory service options include:

MCS Directory. Management & Control Services (MCS) internal directory service, based on the Andrew File System (AFS)

LDAPv3 Directory. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol version 3, providing support for Active Directory for Windows 2000, Netscape Directory 4.0, Novell Directory, and IBM OS/390 LDAP Server (via RACF)

Windows NT (NTDS). Windows NT Directory Services

NIS. Network Information Service

When you initially access the MCS console, set up additional MCS user accounts by completing the following steps. You should set up at least one MCS user account in addition to the default "system" account.

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