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Uninstalling Host Access Server Components from a UNIX Environment

To uninstall Host Access Server components
  1. If you want to preserve MCS configuration data for viewers for a subsequent re-install, under the mcs directory, save the data directory to a backup location.

    If Host Access Server is installed at the default location:
    Using this Application
    Server Software

    The default data location is
    Tomcat /opt/Attachmate/tomcat/webapps/mcs/WEB-INF/data
    WebSphere /opt/Attachmate/mcs.ear/mcs.war/WEB-INF/data
    WebLogic /opt/Attachmate/mcs/WEB-INF/data

  2. Stop the application server software if it is currently running. (If you are using the Tomcat application server provided with Host Access Server, run found at /opt/Attachmate/tomcat/bin.)

  3. Remove the Attachmate directory (by default, /opt/Attachmate).

Note After installing a newer version of Host Access Server, you can copy the /mcs/data directory saved from a previous install and replace the new data directory.

You must do a copy and replace, not a move, to use the configuration data.

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