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Installing Host Access Server Components in Noninteractive Mode

To install Host Access Server components in noninteractive mode
  1. Insert the e-Vantage CD and copy the e-VantageEmulation.tar.gz file from the CD to your computer.

  2. To expand the archive into its own empty directory, type the following from the command line:

    gunzip -c Tar-Ball/e-VantageEmulation.tar.gz | tar xvf -

  3. Using any text editor, modify the file inputfile so that each property for each component that you want to install has a value. For more information, refer to the comments in inputfile.

    If you're not sure which components to install, review the Host Access Server Components topic for further information.

  4. Type the following to run the shell script:

    ./ inputfile

    The installation should proceed without prompting for any additional information. However, if a required value was not provided in inputfile, a prompt for that information will appear.

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