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Planning your installation involves understanding which components to install on which servers or clients, and how to handle such issues as load balancing. Review the terms of your license agreement before installing any components. You might have to purchase additional licenses to install certain components on separate computers.

Design-Time Considerations

To make it easier for developers to access the design-time components, you might want to install those components on each developer's computer rather than on the server. This is especially appropriate if the server is not easily accessible, or if there are multiple developers at your site. Attachmate design-time components run only in Windows environments.

Management Considerations

Management & Control Services (MCS) and the Terminal Viewers and Presentation Manager components are installed automatically with any Terminal Viewer or Printer applet (and also with e-Print Remote SDK). You can access these components remotely through a web browser.

Note If you are using ID Manager with Host Access Server v. 3.2, be sure to install the MCS update for ID Manager.

Scalability Considerations

To provide server scalability, fail-over protection, and load balancing for the management components, you can install MCS on multiple servers across your network, creating a server cluster. For more information, refer to the Help for MCS.

To ensure a smooth installation process, and to optimize the performance of your Attachmate components, you can prepare by reviewing the related topics below.

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