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Installing the MCS Update for ID Manager

This update should be applied only after you have completed the installation of MCS version 2.0.3.

To apply the MCS update for ID Manager
  1. Make sure that your application server is running.

  2. To register SOAP services, do the following:

    1. Copy the file DSUIDescriptor.xml to the \mcs\WEB-INF\lib directory.

    2. Open a command prompt window and change to the same directory.

    3. At the prompt, type:

      java -classpath xerces.jar;soap.jar org.apache.soap.server.ServiceManagerClient http://yourservername:yourport/mcs/rpcrouter deploy DSUIDescriptor.xml

      and then press ENTER. You should see no errors or warnings.

  3. Stop your application server.

  4. Back up and replace the following files:

    • \mcs\lib\NTDSHlp.dll

    • \mcs\WEB-INF\lib\mcs.jar

    • \mcs\WEB-INF\lib\rsrcsrvmgr_srv.jar

    • \mcs\WEB-INF\lib\tidserver.jar

    • \mcs\components\mcs\dsui.jar

    • \mcs\components\mcs\appletutils.jar

    • \mcs\components\resourceserver\rsrcsrvmgr.jar

    • \mcs\WEB-INF\data\directoryservices\configuration\

    Note There will be an existing copy of the file only if you have previously modified directory services in MCS.
  5. Start your application server.

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