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Attachmate e-Vantage Host Access Server Overview

Attachmate e-Vantage Host Access Server (HAS) provides browser-based access to host applications on various types of hosts: Unisys 2200 Series (ClearPath IX), Unisys A Series (ClearPath LX/NX), IBM Mainframe, AS/400, and UNIX/VMS, as well as several airline reservation systems.

Using Host Access Server components, you can configure, customize, and deploy several kinds of terminal emulation viewers.

Use this component
Terminal Viewers Configure terminal emulation viewers.
Presentation Integrator Customize how terminal emulation viewers are presented to users.
ID Manager Provide IDs to viewers at run-time instead of configuring each one.
Presentation Manager Assign terminal emulation viewer presentations to users.
myAccess Links page Deploy presentations to users.
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