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Serving Host Access Clients

Configuring Terminal Emulation

Terminal Viewers is installed as a component of Management and Control Services (MCS), which allows you to take advantage of common MCS functionality, such as directory services for managing users and groups. In addition, you can access and manage all host access configurations either locally or from a remote machine, and provide users and groups access to those configurations.

You can use Terminal Viewers to create and manage Java terminals, Express terminals, host printers, and Terminal Layouts configurations for distribution to users over an intranet or the Internet.

Customizing Presentations

After you finish creating a configuration, a default presentation is automatically created for you. Both the default presentation and the configuration are stored on the MCS server. You can use Presentation Integrator to customize your default presentation. You can also add your configuration to other custom presentations. Presentation Integrator can then publish the customized presentations back to the MCS server, where they are available to be assigned and activated by Presentation Manager.

Providing IDs to Viewers at Run-time

When you use ID Manager, the unique connection data (such as T27 station IDs or UTS terminal IDs) for each client can be omitted from the viewer, printer applet, or Smart Connector configuration. Therefore, you can create a single configuration that can be used by multiple clients to establish multiple sessions with a host, rather than having to create a separate configuration for each host connection. For more information about providing IDs to viewers at run-time, see the topic How to Provide Host Access IDs to Clients.

Note If you plan to use ID Manager to allocate IDs to your sessions, you must assign those IDs before activating any presentations that obtain their IDs from ID Manager.

Assigning Presentations to Users

When you finish creating a configuration, a default presentation is automatically created for you. It is the presentation that you assign to users. First, configure the directory services within MCS (to provide user and group information to Presentation Manager), then use Presentation Manager to assign and activate the presentation.

Deploying Terminal Emulation

Users access presentations from the myAccess Links page, which they can reach using the following URL:

    http://server name or address/mcs/pbclient

The myAccess Links page lists all of the presentations that have been assigned to the user who is logged in. When the user selects a presentation, the client is downloaded and displayed.

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