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What To Do Next

Presentation Manager is the final step in the Create Presentations process. Having completed your connection in Terminal Viewers, or your application in Presentation Designer or Presentation Integrator, using Presentation Manager you have activated and managed the presentations, assigned users and groups, set authentication options, modified the server settings, and viewed the presentation properties.

Opening your browser and accessing the myAccess Links page will allow you to test your application. Specifying the correct URL is documented on the myAccess Links page. Several tests should be attempted, using different users and environments, where applicable. For applications accessed in multiple languages, each locale should be checked.

Presentations should be tested to insure that their appearance and functionality in the browser is consistant with the application's original specifications. Different browsers, installed on systems using various environments, JDKs, and screen settings may vary slightly in how they present the same application.

Upon concluding your tests, your new presentation will be finished and available to users.

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