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Troubleshooting Presentation Manager

Specify the correct directory service in Management & Control Services (MCS).
  1. In the MCS Selection panel, move the pointer over MCS Functions and then click MCS Security.
  2. The MCS Security tree appears.

  3. In the MCS Security tree, click Directory Services.

  4. From the Directory Type list, select the type of directory service that you want to use.

    Depending on the type of directory service you select, you might also have to click Configure to configure that directory service. For example, if you're using Windows NT (NTDS) as your directory service, you might need to change the domain.

    Caution If you change the directory service, you will lose all user assignments that you might have made for other Attachmate products managed by MCS. However, if you're using Windows NT (NTDS), you can change the domain without adversely affect any user assignments.

    For more information, refer to the Help for MCS.

  5. In the MCS content pane, click Directory and make sure that the users or groups that you want to assign to a presentation are listed.

    If you're using MCS Directory as your directory service, you can add users or groups. If you're using another directory service, you must use the appropriate procedure for that directory service to add users or groups.

  6. Once you have saved any changes to your directory service, try again to assign the correct users or groups.

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