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Troubleshooting Presentation Manager

Provide contact information.
  1. In the MCS Selection panel, point to Products and then click Presentation Manager.
  2. The Presentation Manager tree appears.

  3. In the Presentation Manager tree, click Manage Presentations.
  4. The Manage myAccess Links page appears in the Management panel.

  5. From the Manage myAccess Links page, click Server Settings.

  6. In the Name box, type the name of the person whom users should contact if they have problems with the myAccess Links page.

  7. In the E-Mail box, type the e-mail address of the person whom users should contact.

  8. In the Phone Number box, type the phone number of the person whom users should contact.

  9. Click OK.

  10. Have the user refresh the myAccess Links page.

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