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Using Presentations

A presentation is an HTML document that is accessed via the myAccess Links page. The myAccess Links page is accessed through any browser at http://server_name/mcs/pbclient. For secure access, the user must type https://server_name:port_number/mcs/pbclient. The required port number is defined on the MCS Security Services page.

Presentations can be created using Presentation Designer or Presentation Integrator. Presentations created using Presentation Designer can contain only one application. Presentations created using Presentation Integrator can contain up to four resources—applications, configurations, or Web documents (an intranet or Internet Web site, an EXTRA! Enterprise session, or a WebPublish host class). Presentations created using Presentation Integrator can also include a custom header and footer, as well as a custom background color or image.

Note How Presentation Manager works in compliment with other Attachmate products is described in the product-specific User's Guide.

When you create projects or modify applications using Presentation Integrator, you can also specify where the presentation will appear when the user clicks the name of the presentation on the myAccess Links page. For example, the presentation can appear to the right of the list of presentations, fill the browser window, or appear in a separate browser window (with or without a browser menu bar and toolbar).

To make an application available to users, it must be published to Management & Control Services (MCS). (For configurations, this occurs automatically when the configuration is created.) The MCS administrator must then assign users to the presentation and activate it using Presentation Manager before users can access the presentation via the myAccess Links page.

Note Information on configuring directory services is detailed in the MCS Help under "Configuring MCS, Configuring MCS Security." (To find the MCS Help, in the MCS Selection panel, point to MCS Functions and then click Help.)
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