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Activating or Deactivating a Presentation

Before users can access a presentation, you must activate it. This adds the name of the presentation to the myAccess Links page for all users who have been assigned to that presentation.

Similarly, when you deactivate a presentation, that presentation is no longer available to any users. If the presentation is in use when you deactivate it, the user can continue to use it, but will not be able to use that presentation again after he or she closes it.

Whether a presentation is activated or deactivated, it can still be edited using Presentation Integrator. However, if the presentation is in use, changes to the presentation will not take effect until the next time the user accesses the presentation.

To activate or deactivate a presentation
  1. In the MCS Selection panel, point to Products and then click Presentation Manager.
  2. The Presentation Manager tree appears.

  3. In the Presentation Manager tree, click Manage Presentations.
  4. The Manage myAccess Links page appears in the Management panel.

  5. Click the name of the presentation that you want to activate or deactivate.
  6. Note Presentations must already have been published before they will appear in Manage Presentations.

    For currently activated presentations, Active appears in the Status column; for currently deactivated presentations, Inactive appears.

  7. Click Activate.

    The state of the presentation changes.

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