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Server Settings - Client Page


Note These options apply only to Presentation Designer applications and Terminal Viewers Java configurations. In addition, Netscape Communicator 6.0 does not support caching Java configuration files at the client; only application files can be cached.

Disabled: Prevents the Java files from being cached on the client.

On Demand: Caches only the core Java configuration files on the client, and downloads other Java files only when using certain features (such as the Keyboard Remapper). This saves disk space by not caching files that are used infrequently. For applications, all Java files are cached.

Cache All: Caches all Java files on the client.

Run Locally: Caches all Java files on the client, and launches locally without accessing the server. Creates a shortcut on the desktop for user ease.

Ask User: Allows the user to specify the caching options on the Cache Preferences page (accessed by clicking Preferences on the myAccess Links page).

Presentation Server

URL To Presentation Server: Type the URL to use to access Presentation Runtime Service, such as http://server_name/epi/servlet/epi. To establish a secure (encrypted) connection, you must type https: and include a port number, such as https://server_name:port_number/epi/servlet/epi. (The port number to use is defined on the Management & Control Services (MCS) Security Services page. You can establish a secure connection only if Presentation Runtime Service is installed on the same server as MCS.)

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