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Sorting and Grouping myAccess Links

Sorting and Grouping are closely related features: sorting arranges links appearing on the myAccess Links page according to category (Presentations created in Presentation Integrator with multiple views have their own sorting categories). Grouping visually separates sorted links and arranges them under user-assigned labels, which allows links to be listed in identified groups.

Sorting is done by arranging the order of the list of categories stored in the variable sortingOrder. (You can change the settings for this variable from the file.) All of the categories must remain, but their order can be changed, placing the ones most commonly used nearest the front. On the myAccess Links page, the links for each category will appear in the order set by the sortingOrder variable.

Grouping allows links to be listed in identified groups, such as Inventory and Sales. Each category has its own variable in the file. The order of these variables decides the grouping arrangement of the links on the myAccess Links page. Groups given the same value, and organized together in the file, will be listed under the same heading. Each category can be listed under a unique heading, or the under the same headings in different locations. To use the same headings in two different locations, different category variables must be given the same name, but organized so that they are separated by categories with other names.

Note Before editing the properties file, we recommend that you first make a back-up copy for safekeeping.
To sort and group the myAccess Links
  1. Using any standard text editor, open the text file, from the following directory:
  2. MCS_install_root/components/PresentationBuilder/camconfig/

    The following categories are combined into the value of the variable sortingOrder, and listed separately for group names:

    3270 Terminal     3270 ActiveX Terminal     3270 Express Terminal
    3270 Printer 3270 ActiveX Printer 3270 HotGUI
    5250 Terminal 5250 ActiveX Terminal 5250 Express Terminal
    5250 HotGUI 5250 Printer 5250 ActiveX Printer
    5250 File Transfer 3179 Host Graphics Option 3270 VT ActiveX Terminal
    3270 VT Terminal VT Express Terminal Mixed Viewers
    Custom Application WebDoc Applications

    All of these categories must remain in the value of sortingOder and as variables for group names. They may be reorganized, and their group name values changed, but not deleted.

    For more details on these variables, see Variables in the File

  3. Change the order of the categories in the sortingOrder variable.

    Caution Change only the values of the variables to the right of the equal sign. Changing the names of the variables may produce undesirable results or cause all settings to revert to standard Attachmate defaults.
  4. Change the values of the group name variables.

  5. Change the order of the group name variables.

  6. Save and close the file.

Valid only when layoutType=enhanced. Sorting and Grouping can also be done in custom mode, but would require user-specific XML code.

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