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Changing the Company Logo

You can choose whether to display a logo on the myAccess Links page, and if you decide to display a logo, you can set the conditions for when and how it is displayed from the file.

Note Before editing the properties file, we recommend that you first make a back-up copy for safekeeping.
To change the company logo
  1. Open the text file, located in the directory MCS install root/components/PresentationBuilder/camconfig/.

    You can open this file using any standard text editor.

  2. Change the values of the following variables:
    layoutType            showLogo
    enhancedLogo loginLogo
    logoffLogo showLogoFade
    Caution Change only the values of the variables to the right of the equal sign. Changing the names of the variables may produce undesirable results or cause all settings to revert to standard Attachmate defaults.

    For more information on these variables, refer to Variables in the File.

  3. Save and close the file.

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