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Accessing Presentations Directly

You can access presentations directly, without going through the myAccess Links page, in standard format, or with HTML output. If the presentation does not support HTML output, it will open in its default format.

To access a presentation directly
  1. Type the correct URL into your browser's Address box.
  2. The correct URL will include the name of the MCS host, the presentation name, and the locale specifier (en for English).

  3. Do one of the following:
    To access a presentation in
    Default format http://MCS_host/mcs/uibroker?SERVICEID=AtmClientUIService&METHODNAME=openChannel&ACTIONITEMS=locale_specifier;presentation_name
    HTML output http://MCS_host/mcs/uibroker?SERVICEID=AtmClientUIService&METHODNAME=openChannel&ACTIONITEMS=locale_specifier;presentation_name;html
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