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Setting Caching Options

Caching options set in Presentation Manager do not affect the browser's temporary cache (which is controlled by the browser's configuration settings), but rather determine whether certain files are installed on the client.

Caching options handle Java files associated with Presentation Designer applications and Terminal Viewers Java configurations when a presentation that contains either of these items is selected on the myAccess Links page.

When the Java files are cached in this way, a user does not have to wait for the files to download the next time he or she accesses the presentation. However, if the Java files are updated on the server, the user might not receive the latest version. (This applies only to the Java code itself; configuration changes are always downloaded.) To receive an updated version, the cached files must be removed manually.

The caching options set using Presentation Manager take precedence over any caching options specified by the user on the Cache Preferences page. For example, if the Caching option in Presentation Manager is enabled, and the user selects No on the Cache Preferences page, the Java files are still cached. The caching options specified by the user on the Cache Preferences page take effect only when the Caching option in Presentation Manager is set to Ask User.

Note Netscape Communicator 6.0 does not support caching Java configuration files at the client. Only application files can be cached.
To set the default Caching option
  1. In the MCS Selection panel, point to Products and then click Presentation Manager.
  2. The Presentation Manager tree appears.

  3. In the Presentation Manager tree, click Manage Presentations.
  4. The Manage myAccess Links page appears in the Management panel.

  5. From the Manage myAccess Links page, click Server Settings.

  6. In Presentation Manager Server Settings, click the Client tab.

  7. On the Client page, from the Caching group box, select the desired setting:
    Disabled Prevent the Java files from being cached on the client.
    On Demand Cache only the core Java configuration files on the client, and download other Java files only when the user uses certain features (such as the Keyboard Remapper).
      This saves disk space by not caching files that are used infrequently. For applications, all Java files are cached.
    Cache All Cache all Java files on the client.
    Run Locally Cache all Java files on the client, and launch locally without accessing the server. A shortcut is created on the desktop for user ease.
    Ask User Allow the user to specify the caching options on the Cache Preferences page (accessed by clicking Preferences on the myAccess Links page).
      If the user does not specify caching options on the Cache Preferences page, he or she is prompted to cache the files when accessing a presentation that contains an application or Java configuration for the first time.
  8. Click OK.

    This setting affects all users, and any change takes effect the next time users access the myAccess Links page.

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