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Troubleshooting Presentation Integrator

Change the background color or image.
  1. If the presentation is not already open, open it by clicking Open from the File menu, selecting the presentation, and clicking OK.

  2. From the Edit menu, click Settings.

  3. To change the background color of the presentation, click Select and complete the Choose a Color dialog box.

    If you specify a background image, this color will be hidden by the background image unless the background image has transparent areas.

  4. To change the background image of the presentation, click an image from the Background Image list.

    If the desired image does not appear in this list, click Add, type the name of the GIF or JPEG file (including the path) in the Image File box (or click Browse to select the file), and then click OK. The image file name appears in the Background Image list.

    If you select an image, it appears tiled in the background of the presentation. If the image contains transparent areas, the presentation's background color appears behind the image.

  5. Click OK.

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