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Using the Resources Pane

The Resources pane displays the configurations and Web documents that you can add to a presentation.

Configurations appear in the Configurations folder after they are created using Terminal Viewers. This folder contains separate folders for Java configurations and ActiveX configurations. For information about creating configurations, refer to the Help for Terminal Viewers.

If configurations become available after you start Presentation Integrator, click Refresh to add the new configurations to the Resources pane.

Web documents appear in the Web Doc folder only after you add them using Presentation Integrator.

When you click a resource in the Resources pane, the properties associated with that resource appear in the Resource Properties pane. You can change a resource's properties either before or after dragging the resource from the Resources pane to the Design View. Any changes you make to the properties of a resource in the Resources pane are saved until you create or open a different presentation. Once you do that, the properties of the resource revert to their default values.

The properties of resources in the Resources pane and in the Design View are independent of one another. Changing the properties of a resource in the Resources pane does not change the corresponding resource's properties in the Design View, or vice versa.

To add a resource to a presentation, click the resource in the Resources pane and drag it to the Design View.

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