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Publishing Presentations

Publishing is the process of sending files to Management & Control Services (MCS) so that they can be shared with other designers or downloaded to clients. With Presentation Integrator, you can publish the following items:

The Server Address specified on the Preferences dialog box determines which installation of MCS Presentation Integrator interacts with.

Note If you have multiple copies of MCS installed (known as a "server cluster"), you must specify the primary MCS server, rather than a Configuration Server. For information on MCS server clustering, refer to "Overview of MCS Server Clustering" in the MCS Help.

Publishing Presentations

To make a presentation available to users, you must publish it to MCS. The MCS administrator must then assign users to the presentation and activate it using Presentation Manager before users can access the presentation via the Presentations page.

You can save a presentation to your PC while you are working on it. However, once you publish the presentation, it is automatically moved from your PC to MCS; no local copy is retained.

Once a presentation has been published, you can download a copy (by opening the presentation using Presentation Integrator), modify it, and save it locally, but you must republish it to make the changes available to users. When you republish a presentation, the file once again moves from your PC to MCS, and no local copy is retained. If a presentation is in use when you republish it, any changes to the presentation do not take effect until the next time the user accesses the presentation.

You can modify not only presentations that you yourself have published, but also any presentations that anyone else has published.

Be aware that the MCS administrator can copy and rename presentations using Presentation Manager, so a presentation you created and published might be given a different name after it is published.

You can delete a presentation from your PC by deleting the XML file from the \EAI\PresentationDesigner\Presentations folder, but once you publish a presentation, it can be deleted only by an MCS administrator using Presentation Manager.

Publishing Images, Web Documents, and External Headers and Footers

When you add an image to a presentation (to either the background or to an internal header or footer), or add a Web document to the Resources pane, or add an external header or footer to a presentation, those images, Web documents, and external headers and footers are automatically published to MCS so that they can be downloaded to clients. These items also become available to other designers who might edit the presentation on a different PC.

Since the path to the file is not retained when the file is published to MCS, each file name must be unique.

Once an image, Web document, or external header or footer is published to MCS, it cannot be deleted using either Presentation Integrator or MCS.

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