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Using the Design View

When you create or open a presentation, the Design View displays a logical representation of the resources in the presentation. Each presentation can contain up to four resources.

You add resources to a presentation by clicking an item in the Resources pane and dragging it to the Design View. Each area in the Design View that represents a resource displays the name of that resource. You can move resources from one area of the Design View to another by clicking the resource and dragging it to the desired location.

When you click a resource in the Design View, you can edit many of its properties in the Resource Properties pane. You can also change a resource's height or width by right-clicking the resource in the Design View and then clicking the desired action from the pop-up menu.

To remove a resource from the Design View, click the resource and then click Delete Resource from the Edit menu, or right-click the resource and then click Delete. This removes the resource from the Design View, but does not remove it from the Resources pane. You cannot remove resources from the Resources pane using Presentation Integrator.

When arranging the resources in a presentation, keep the following guidelines in mind:

The Design View also includes areas that represent the header and footer for the presentation. You can edit these by double-clicking them.

Note When you add text to a header or footer, the text appears in the Design View, but not with the specified font, font size, or font attributes. Likewise, when you add an image to a header or footer, the image name appears in the Design View, but if you include text as well, the image name appears on a separate line rather than next to the text. Be sure to check the header or footer in the presentation itself to ensure that it renders as desired.
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