Using MCS
    Overview of MCS
    Using MCS for the First Time
    Using the MCS Console
    Managing MCS User Access
    Managing and Viewing Events
    Managing and Viewing Traces
    Licensing and Metering Client Usage
    Managing Host Access IDs
    Managing MCS Servers and Clusters
       Overview of Server Management
       Overview of MCS Server Clustering
       Viewing All Servers and Clusters
       Configuring Viewer Properties
       Managing MCS Servers
       Managing MCS Server Clusters
       Managing Agent Clusters and Machines
          Viewing Agent Cluster Information
          Adding an Agent Cluster
          Renaming an Agent Cluster
          Removing an Agent Cluster
          Assigning an Agent Machine to a Cluster
          Removing an Agent Machine from a Cluster
          Modifying an Agent Cluster's IP Address
          Assigning an Agent Cluster to an MCS Server
          Configuring an Agent Machine
Using Security Services
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