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New ID Wizard: New ID Summary Page

ID Information: This area displays the type of ID (such as T27, UTS, 3270E, 5250E, Apollo, SHARES, MATIP-ALC, MATIP-UTS, or Sabre) that you are assigning to each name and, if applicable, the properties associated with the IDs (such as whether the IDs are for a terminal emulation or host printer emulation session, or which host applications the clients can access using the IDs).

If you are creating a name and assigning IDs simultaneously, this area also displays information about the name, such as the type of name.

New IDs: This area displays all of the names to which IDs are being assigned, and the IDs that are being assigned to each. In addition, if a check box appears in the Overwrite column, the associated ID has already been assigned to that name. Select this check box to have the new data overwrite the existing data, or clear this check box to retain the existing data.

Rename ID: Click this button to change the value of the selected ID in the ID list. After you click this button, type a new ID, and then click elsewhere on the list. If no ID is selected, this button appears dimmed.

Delete ID: Click this button to delete the selected ID in the ID list. If no ID is selected, this button appears dimmed.

Back: To change any of the displayed information, click Back until you reach the page that contains the information that you want to change, change the information, and then click Next until you return to the New ID Summary page.

Finish: Click this button to save the displayed data.

Note If an ID with the same name is already assigned to a given name (as indicated by a check box appearing in the Overwrite column), select the check box to overwrite the existing ID with the new one, or clear the check box to retain the existing ID.

Cancel: Click this button to return to the Assignments page without creating a name or assigning any IDs to it.

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