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Troubleshooting ID Manager

If you have problems using ID Manager, follow these steps.

To troubleshoot ID Manager
  1. Verify that the server meets the minimum system requirements necessary to use this product.

    For more information, refer to the MCS system requirements in the product User's Guide.

  2. If you assigned IDs to user names, make sure the user is prompted to provide a user name when accessing the viewer or printer applet.

    For Terminal Viewers, the authentication method specified in Presentation Manager determines whether or not a user name prompt appears. You can disable authentication only if you assign presentations to specific users or groups. This ensures that a user name prompt appears when the user accesses the Presentations page.

  3. If the clients run Netscape Communicator, make sure you did not assign IDs to DNS names. This browser does not support the use of DNS names.

  4. If you're using ID Manager with a Smart Connector or a custom application developed using the e-Vantage Software Development Kit (SDK) for Unisys Mainframe Customers (UMC), make sure you assigned IDs only to address pools, the lease and inactivity timeouts for that address pool are 0, and none of the IDs use a host name alias.

  5. Make sure the configuration is set up properly.

    For example, make sure Use ID Manager is selected in the configuration. If you're using address pools, make sure the address pool name in the configuration matches an address pool name in ID Manager's data file. If you're using host name aliases, make sure the host address specified in the configuration matches an IP address or DNS name associated with the host name alias.

  6. Make sure the lease and inactivity timeouts are correct.

    For example, if the sessions are closing unexpectedly, the inactivity timeout might be too short. If needed, change these timeouts.

  7. If you're using e-Vantage Gateway connections, check the configuration of the path and the configuration translations. For example, if the client is passing an ID to e-Vantage Gateway, but e-Vantage Gateway is not configured to accept data from the clients, a connection might not be established.

    For more information, as well as procedures for monitoring the performance of the gateway and tracing paths, refer to the documentation for e-Vantage Gateway.

  8. If you cannot identify and solve the problem without assistance, contact your product distributor. Call from a location where you have access to the server.

  9. Search the Attachmate SupportWeb site for more information, or contact Technical Support.
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