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Changing a Name

Using the Assignments page, you can change any IP address, DNS name, or address pool name. This can be a convenient way to reassign IDs from one computer to another, or from one group of users to another. However, you cannot change a user name. This can be done only by modifying the directory service.

Note If you change or delete a user name by modifying the directory service, the corresponding change does not occur on the Assignments page. To assign IDs to the new user name, you must delete the original user name, and then create a new user name and assign IDs to that user name.

If you change the name of an address pool, you must also change the properties of each configuration that uses that address pool.

If an ID assigned to the name is currently allocated to a client when you change the name, the name changes on the ID Monitor page, and the session remains open and continues to use the allocated ID.

To change a name
  1. In the MCS selection panel, point to MCS Functions and then click ID Manager.

    The ID Manager tree appears.

  2. In the ID Manager tree, click Configure.

    The ID Manager property pages appear in the MCS management panel.

  3. Click the Assignments tab.

  4. In the Names list, click the IP address, DNS name, or address pool that you want to rename.

    If the Names list does not display the IP address, DNS name, or address pool that you want to rename, select the appropriate options in the Name Display group box.

  5. Click Rename Name.

    The name within the list becomes editable.

  6. Type the new IP address, DNS name, or address pool name, and then click elsewhere on the list to indicate that you have completed your changes.

    You cannot change an IP address or DNS name to an address pool name, or vice versa. In addition, the address pool name cannot contain spaces, commas, periods, or slashes.

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