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Migrating Existing ID Manager Data

If you are upgrading to this version of ID Manager from a previous release (such as e-Vantage Resource Server 2.2.3 or ID Manager 1.0), you can migrate your existing ID Manager data file (Usertid.txt) for use with this version. The data file stores information about names and their assigned IDs; migrating your existing file eliminates the need to re-create the data using this version of ID Manager.

You must complete the migration process before you create new names or IDs using ID Manager. Otherwise, your new data will be overwritten.

Note All users or groups in the existing data file must be valid users in the directory service used by Management & Control Services (MCS).
To migrate an existing data file
  1. Copy your existing Usertid.txt file to the following directory:
    Application ServerDefault Install Location
    Apache Tomcat The location will be under the Tomcat install directory, as follows if Tomcat is installed with an Attachmate product.
    Windows: c:\Program Files\Attachmate\Tomcat\webapps\mcs\WEB-INF\data\resourceserver
    UNIX: /opt/Tomcat/webapps/mcs/WEB-INF/data/resourceserver
    WebLogic or
    Windows: c:\Program Files\Attachmate\mcs\WEB-INF\data\resourceserver
    UNIX: /opt/Attachmate/mcs/WEB-INF/data/resourceserver
  2. Access the MCS console.

  3. In the MCS selection panel, point to MCS Functions and then click ID Manager.

    The ID Manager tree appears.

  4. In the ID Manager tree, click Configure.

    The ID Manager property pages appear in the MCS management panel.

  5. Click the Assignments tab.

    All of the names and IDs in the original Usertid.txt file appear on the Assignments page. However, ID Manager will not actually load and save the copied file until you create (and then delete) a temporary name.

  6. Click Add Name.

    The New Name Wizard begins.

  7. On the New Name Wizard: Name Type page, click Address Pool and then click Next.

  8. Type any name for the address pool, and then click Next.

  9. On the New Name Summary page, click Finish.

  10. When prompted to continue (to assign IDs to the new name), click No.

    The new name is added to the Names list.

  11. On the Assignments page, click the name that you just added in the Names list, and then click Delete Name.

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