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Changing the Timeout Values

When you add a name to ID Manager's data file, you specify the lease and inactivity timeouts that will apply to all of the IDs assigned to that name.

However, you can change these values at any time. For example, if you want IDs to become available for other sessions sooner, you can shorten the lease timeout. If the sessions at the clients are closing unexpectedly, you can increase the inactivity timeout.

If you change these values when an ID assigned to the name is currently allocated to a client, the session remains open and continues to use the previous lease and inactivity timeout values until the session closes.

Note These values apply to all IDs assigned to the name.
To change the timeout values
  1. In the MCS selection panel, point to MCS Functions and then click ID Manager.

    The ID Manager tree appears.

  2. In the ID Manager tree, click Configure.

    The ID Manager property pages appear in the MCS management panel.

  3. Click the Assignments tab.

  4. In the Names list, click the name whose lease timeout or inactivity timeout you want to modify.

    If the Names list does not display the name that you want to modify, select the appropriate options in the Name Display group box.

  5. Click Name Properties.

  6. In the Lease Timeout text box, type the number of hours that must elapse before any ID assigned to this name becomes available for another session.

    For example, if the lease timeout is 2, ID Manager waits two hours after the user closes the session before making the ID available for another session.

    If you type 0 or omit a value, each ID is made available to another session as soon as the first session closes.

  7. In the Inactivity Timeout text box, type the number of minutes of inactivity that must elapse before each session closes automatically.

    If you type 0 or omit a value, the session never closes automatically.

    If the list of IDs assigned to the selected name includes IDs for a printer applet, it is recommended that you type 0 or omit a value for the Inactivity Timeout, since printer applets typically receive but do not transmit data. Otherwise, the printer applet session will always close automatically after the specified time elapses.

  8. Click OK.
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