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Viewing Individual Server Information

Management & Control Services (MCS) allows you to manage servers on which you have installed MCS-compatible products. Follow the procedure below to view information about a managed server.

To view information about a managed server
  1. In the MCS selection panel, point to MCS Functions and then click Server Management.

    The Server Management tree appears.

  2. In the Server Management tree, click Plus sign next to the name of the cluster to which the desired server belongs, or double-click the cluster name, to expand the list of items.

  3. To view summary information for a particular server, click the name of the server whose information you want to view.

    The selected server's property pages appear in the MCS management panel.

  4. Click the Server, Product, or Status tabs to view different types of information about the selected server.

    For details on any of the options on these property pages, click Help in the upper-right corner of the page.

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