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Viewing Client License Usage

If the Licensing feature is enabled for Management & Control Services (MCS) and you have installed a license certificate for one or more client applications, you can view current and historical usage information about those clients from the MCS Metering pages.

Note MCS meters licenses on a per-user basis, not on a per-client basis. For more information, see Overview of Licensing.
To view client license usage
  1. In the MCS selection panel, point to MCS Functions and then click Licensing.

    The Licensing tree appears.

  2. In the Licensing tree, click Metering.
    Note If the Metering node does not appear on the Licensing tree, this indicates that no client license certificates have been installed. See Installing a License Certificate for instructions.
  3. Click the Overview, Current, History, and/or Log tabs to view license usage data.

    The information on the Current, History, and Log pages is presented in sortable lists. Click a column header to change the sort order or direction. An indicator arrow shows which column is sorting the list and in what order.

    To return to the unfiltered list after choosing a date from the filter list, choose the blank item at the top of the filter list, and then click Refresh.

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