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Configuring Viewer Properties

The Server Management function of Management & Control Services (MCS) allows you to customize the appearance of the Server Management Viewer pages; for example, you can specify the information to display, as well as the colors used for the display.

To configure the Server Management Viewer properties
  1. In the MCS selection panel, point to MCS Functions and then click Server Management.

    The Server Management tree appears.

  2. In the Server Management tree, click Viewer.

    The Viewer pages appear in the MCS management panel, displaying information about all managed servers.

  3. To configure the display properties for the current Viewer page, click Customize in the lower-right corner of the MCS management panel.

    A Customize dialog box appears that corresponds to the current Viewer page.

  4. Click the Headers tab to specify the type of information that appears on the current Viewer page.
    Note The Headers tab is not available for the Clusters page.
  5. Click the Colors tab to specify the colors that are used on the current Viewer page.

  6. For the General page only, click the System Check tab to specify whether or not the Status column appears, indicating the current status of each server.

    For details on any of the options on these property pages, click Help.

  7. Click Close to activate your settings and close the Customize dialog box.

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