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Setting Console Access Permissions

The Permissions function of Management & Control Services (MCS) allows you to specify which of the users and groups that are included in the directory service can access the MCS console.

To set user and group access permissions
  1. In the MCS selection panel, point to MCS Functions and then click MCS Security.

    The MCS Security tree appears.

  2. In the MCS Security tree, click Plus sign next to Console Access, or double-click Console Access, to expand the list of items.

  3. Click Permissions.

    The Permissions page appears in the MCS management panel.

  4. From the Directory list box, select the users and/or groups for whom you want to grant permission to access the MCS console.

  5. Click Add to move the selected users and/or groups to the Assigned list box.

    To remove users and/or groups from the Assigned list, select them from the Assigned list and then click Remove.

    For details on this property page, click Help in the upper-right corner of the page.

  6. Click Save to activate your settings.
    Caution It can take up to 10 minutes for a new user account to become active if that account's permissions are assigned by way of a group, rather than directly to the user.
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