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Permissions Page

This page allows you to grant permissions to users and groups that are members of the Management & Control Services (MCS) directory service listing, for the following purposes:

Caution It can take up to 10 minutes for a new user account to become active if that account's permissions are assigned by way of a group, rather than directly to the user.

Directory: Displays a list of groups defined in the directory service that is being used by MCS for managing users.

The following accounts are always included in the Directory listing by default:

Show users: Click this button to display the individual users defined in the directory service. (Only groups are displayed by default, to reduce the display time when this page is initially accessed.)

Add: Select a user or group from the Directory list and then click this button to grant permissions for that user or group. When you click Add, the selected user or group appears in the Assigned list.

Remove: Select a user or group from the Assigned list and then click this button to disable permissions for that user or group. When you click Remove, the selected user or group is removed from the Assigned list.

Assigned: Displays a list of the users and groups that have been granted permissions for the associated function.

Note You can choose to cache directory service information to minimize display time using two options in the file

MCS.DirectoryServices.EnableCaching. If set to true, enables caching for all directory services. The value is false if not otherwise specified.

MCS.DirectoryServices.CachedDirectoryLifetime. The length of time a cached directory is stored, in milliseconds. The value is 600,000 (10 minutes) if not otherwise specified.

In addition, if you use NTDS as your directory service, you can change the interval at which directory information is refreshed.

NTDSHlpRefreshMinutes. The length of time, in minutes, to wait before refreshing user, group, and domain information from the directory service. The value is 12 if not otherwise specified. Domain information is displayed on the Permissions page.

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