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Overview of Server Management

Management & Control Services (MCS) provides a number of server management features that allow you to access and configure servers and server clusters on which MCS and/or MCS-compatible products (for example, Screen Connectors) are installed. Using the MCS server management features, you can perform various management tasks, just a few of which include the following:

When you install an MCS Configuration Server or an MCS-compatible product (one that includes an MCS Agent), the server or product registers itself with the MCS Management and Control Server, which then allows it to be managed by MCS. Once a product or server is registered with MCS, you can use the Server Management features of MCS to view information about that server, as well as remotely configure a number of options on that server.

Managing Individual MCS Servers

Following is a list of procedures that apply to individual MCS servers on your network.

Managing MCS Server Clusters

Following is a list of procedures that apply to MCS server clusters.

Managing Agent Clusters and Machines

Following is a list of procedures that apply to MCS Agent clusters and machines (computers) on your network.

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