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Overview of the MCS Console

The Management & Control Services (MCS) console runs within a Web browser, and includes two primary elements, as illustrated below. Each element is described in the table that follows.

MCS Console

Element Description
Selection panel This element appears on the left-hand side of the MCS console. Items in the selection panel are divided into two categories:
  • Products—A list of products that you can manage using MCS.

  • MCS Functions—A list of standard MCS configuration settings, and standard functions that can be used in conjunction with managed products.

Point to Products or MCS Functions to display the options available in each category, then click the item that you want to use or configure. The tree for the selected item appears.

Click an item in the tree to display the corresponding property page in the management panel. (Click Plus Sign next to an item, or double-click the item, to display additional items, if applicable.)
Management panel This element appears on the right-hand side of the MCS console. The management panel displays the property page(s) that correspond to the item you click in the selection panel.

Use the property page(s) to view or configure information for the corresponding product or MCS function.
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