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Cluster Management: Add Server Page

Cluster name: Displays all of the server clusters that are currently registered with Management & Control Services (MCS). If you have a standalone installation of MCS, or have added servers to only one cluster, only the default cluster name (MCS Cluster) is listed.

Server name: Displays the servers that belong to the cluster selected in the Cluster name list.

Server name: Enter the name of the server that you want to add to the selected cluster.

IP Address: Enter the IP address of the server that you are adding.

Port Number: Enter the port number on which MCS "listens" for HTTP requests.

Cluster name: By default, this field displays the name of the selected cluster. However, you can enter a new cluster name in this field, if necessary. If you enter the name of a cluster that does not yet exist, a new cluster is created with the name you specify.

Web Server: (Optional) Enter the type of Web application server that is being used on the server that you are adding (for example, Tomcat, WebLogic, or WebSphere).

Operating system: (Optional) Enter the operating system that is running on the server that you are adding (for example, Windows 2000 or Sun Solaris).

Add: Click this button to add the new server to the specified cluster.

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