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Authentication Page

This page allows you to specify the level of user authentication required to access and use the Management & Control Services (MCS) console or an MCS-compatible product or function.

For an MCS-compatible product or function, it allows you to specify the authentication level required to either write product-specific configurations to MCS or to access (read) client configurations that are stored within MCS.

Authentication Type: Allows you to specify whether or not user authentication is required. Select one of the following to specify the type of authentication that will be used:

Save credentials in cookie: Select this option to save user authentication information in a cookie on the user's machine. If this option is selected, users are only required to log in to MCS the first time; subsequently, they can access the server without logging in.

Note This option is only applicable if the user's Web browser is configured to accept cookies.

Require encryption: Select this option to require an "https:" (HTTP Secure) connection to MCS through the secure port, which is defined on the Security Services Configuration Page for MCS or for a managed server. If you do not enable this option, authorized MCS users can access the MCS console using either a secure (https:) or an unsecure (http:) connection.

See Configuring Security Services for instructions on changing security settings for MCS.

Session Timeout: Enter a value (in hours and/or minutes) to indicate when an authorized MCS console session will time out. The default timeout value is 12 hours. A session begins when you log in to the console, and continues until you log out of the console or until the session timeout value is reached (regardless of console activity).

When a session times out, the user must close the browser window and re-access the MCS console to start a new session.

Save: Click this button to save your changes.

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