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Development Tools Supported

You can access Attachmate e-Vantage Airlines SDK objects from any Java or COM–automation-compatible development tool. For programming run-time notes or specific requirements for using a tool with Airlines SDK, choose from the following:

Active Server Pages

BEA Tuxedo as a Server

BEA Tuxedo as a Workstation

Visual Basic

Visual InterDev

Visual C++

Visual Cafe

Note Make sure that the development tool and the Java IDEs you are using are compatible with the Attachmate e-Vantage Airlines SDK objects that you install. For example, to use Visual C++, you must install the SDK objects with COM support. You may need to check the evSDKDefs.h file to see if updates need to be added. For more information, see Installing Attachmate e-Vantage Airlines SDK.

Global Type Library

Each SDK object module contains a built-in type library description that you can add to the library references of certain development tools. To minimize the compilation time of your host-access application, each module contains only the information about the objects contained within that specific module.

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