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Using the Airlines SDK with BEA Tuxedo as a Workstation

BEA Tuxedo is a fundamental component of the BEA WebLogic Enterprise Platform for enabling transactions between front-end applications and back-office processes. BEA Tuxedo can be utilized as a workstation and a server. The service/server must be started before using the workstation/client.

Note Before BEA Tuxedo can be used, it must be properly configured. See Configuring BEA Tuxedo as a Workstation.

Client Operation

A fielded buffer (Tuxedo Data Storage Structure) is used to send and receive data from the service. The ATM_DataIn field contains the data entered at the workstation's command line that is intended for the host. It is placed into the fielded buffer with the Tuxedo Fadd32 function. The Tuxedo tpalloc function is used initially to allocate the necessary buffers. A Tuxedo tpcall is then used to pass this data structure to the Tuxedo service (to the DEMOSERVICE procedure). Once the call returns, the data the server returns is located in the ATM_Screen field. It is extracted with the Tuxedo Fgets32 function.

Note FML/fielded buffers is a BEA Tuxedo mechanism of passing data between cooperating processes.

Depending on how you design your application, it is not necessary to use a fielded buffer to exchange data with the server. It is also not necessary to use the Tuxedo tpcall function (which synchronously waits for a reply). So you might choose to implement a conversational client and server, or use multiple entry points. The Tuxedo tpinit function is required before a Tuxedo client can access any of the Tuxedo system communication or transaction routines.

Tuxedo Samplecode

The following section refers to sample applications that are included with Attachmate e-Vantage Airlines SDK. Once you have installed the SDK, the sample applications are available from the following location (by default) on the Windows 2000 or Windows NT server where you installed the SDK:

C:\Program Files\Attachmate\evSDK\Samples\Tuxedo

Note The sample code is provided for example only, and it may need to be modified to work in your environment. It is provided "as is," without warranty of any kind, or support from Attachmate Corporation.

Loading and Running the Service

From a command prompt enter tuxwsc with a single parameter - which is the keystrokes you want transmitted to the mainframe. If your input needs spaces, then enter it as a quoted string (for example, "host transaction with multiple words"). If you want to enter in special function keystrokes, then enter them according to the UTS Key Codes recognized by the sendKeys method (for example, {Clear} will clear the screen and home the cursor). In a few seconds, when the host returns data, it will be displayed on the screen (and placed into the ATMTUX.BUF file), and then the workstation application will exit. You may run the workstation multiple times.

Additional Information

Additional Information can be found in the BEA Tuxedo Reference Manual.

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