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Requesting a 5250 Screen Object

The XML to request a 5250 screen object is as follows:

                <Tcp5250con HostName="" PortNumber="23" \>"
        <ReadXlat XlateFileName=""\>

Additional ScreenTn5250 XML parameters are shown in the table below. Except where noted, these parameters use the following syntax:


where name is the name of a parameter and value is a valid value for that parameter. These tags should be placed within the object being defined. For example, to add the TextCase parameter, the first line of the XML shown above would be changed from

<ScreenTn5250 TextCase="Lower">

The default values are shown in bold in the Value column or given in the Description column. If a parameter is not included in the Web page, its default value is used automatically.

ScreenTn5250 XML Parameters
Parameter Value Description
TextCase Mixed Text you type appears in both lowercase and uppercase.
Lower Text you type appears only in lowercase.
Upper Text you type appears only in uppercase.
AttributeStyle Normal Display attributes are processed by the viewer.
Asterisk Display attributes appear as asterisks (*) in the viewer window.
Dot Display attributes appear as periods (.) in the viewer window.
NumFldOverride True You can type alphanumeric data in a numeric-only field. Some host applications require this in order to transmit special commands. If you set this option to True, you must press and hold down the Shift key while typing the alphabetic characters.
False You can type only numeric data in a numeric-only field.
DestructiveBackspace True Pressing the BACKSPACE key moves the cursor one character to the left, and the character to the left of the cursor is deleted.
False Pressing the BACKSPACE key moves the cursor one character to the left, but does not delete any characters.
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