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Visual Basic Samplecode

The following Visual Basic sample applications are provided:

Application Description
VB 6.0 Active Server Component This component demonstrates how to establish a session and open a connection to either a T27 or UTS host session.

Location: drive:\path\Attachmate\evSDK\Samples\VB\VB 6.0 Active Server Component\VB_ASP_EVSDK

Included with this sample application is a "shell" for running the sample application (the Visual Basic .DLL) without having an Active Server Page running.

Location: drive:\path\Attachmate\evSDK\Samples\VB\VB 6.0 Active Server Component\VB_RUNNER

VB Events Sample This application demonstrates how to implement event handling within a Visual Basic application.

Location: drive:\path\Attachmate\evSDK\Samples\VB\VB Events Sample

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