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Configuring BEA Tuxedo as a Workstation Samplecode

The workstation is a simple Tuxedo client application that exchanges data with the server (to access data on the Unisys mainframe). You'll want to develop your own customized application to meet your specific requirements.

Note The machine on which you wish to run the workstation must have the BEA Tuxedo workstation software installed on it. The service/server must be started before using the workstation/client.

All of the host communications in the sample are accomplished in the Tuxedo service with the Attachmate e-Vantage SDK — no Attachmate-specific software is installed on the client.

Preparing and Building the Service

Prior to using the sample workstation, you must modify the "Envfile" and "Setenv.cmd" files.

To modify the Envfile and Setenv.cmd files
  1. In both files, replace <ServerIPAddress> with the server machine's actual IP Address, and <ServerPort> with the server's port number (for example, 111.222.333.444:5555).

    This information must match what you have put in the server's ubbdemo file.

  2. In both files, enter the appropriate path and directory names of where you have placed the example workstation.

    In this sample, the application directory is assumed to be \Tuxedo\apps\ATM-WS.

    Note The sample is built with the Microsoft C/C++ Version 6.0 Compiler. You may have to run a batch file to set your environment up properly for the compiler (for example, vcvars32.bat). You can build the sample client with nmake -f tuxwsc.mak. If you are using a different compiler or language, you will have to make the appropriate adjustments to the environment and the makefile.
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