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The getOIAContents method (of the ScreenUts class) returns the contents of the OIA portion (status line) of the screen in a string format. The following table displays the OIA data returned for a UTS session.

Byte Description Value
1 Terminal type 105 (UTS)
2-81 Reserved Spaces
82 Reserved 0
83 Terminal model 2 (UTS 60)
84 Connection status 0=Normal Connection/No Poll
1=Normal Connection/Poll
2=Broken Connection
85-88 Reserved Spaces
89 Transmit mode 0=Transmit ALL mode
1=Transmit VAR mode
2=Tranmsit CHAN mode
90 Keyboard lock
(wait indicator)
0=Keyboard unlocked
1=Keyboard locked
91-94 Reserved Spaces
95 Current page type 0=Workstation page
1=System page
2=Control page
96 Control Page type 0 (Normal Control Page)
97 Message Wait status 0=False
98 Print mode 0=Print PRNT Mode
1=Print FORM Mode
2=Print XPAR Mode
99 System message 0=No System Message
1=System message
100 FCC transmit type 0=No FCCs
1=Expanded FCCs
(UTS 20 and UTS 40)
2=Color FCCs (UTS 60)
101 Emphasis transmit type 0=No emphasis
102 Print DID value 0x20-0x7F
103 Read DID value 0x20-0x7F
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